Letter From President

Dear Friend

We founded RASPA because we are concerned about very precarious condition of treatment to animals in Russia. Our main objective is to work with animal protection groups and profes- sionals in the United States and by adopting their experience, help Russia to change the present situation and conditions for animals.

RASPA has established relationships with the Fund for Animals, the Humane Society of the United States, the Animal Legal Defense Fund and other animal protection groups, and by stu- dying their work with animals, we are developing humane programs which will will address the current needs of animals in Russia.

Russia is experiencing tremendous changes- the end of the Cold War, a new market with free economy but not, just positive and promising future, the present conditions, unfortunately, are not working for the benefit of animals.

The situation with animals in Russia is so difficult and events are developing so fast that most Russian animal protection groups cannot cover even a small persentage of the existing problems and in general suffer themselves. Besides the poor finacial situation of these groups, most of them also need education in animal protection issues and management.

Hopefully, once you are up to date on the situation, you might be willing to join our group and contribute to our onging efforts.

Having understood the negative pressure of political and economic circumstances, we are trying to bring changes for the new society, which is still emerging, and we belive that the new Russian generation must stand for humanity. Thanks you for your support to make the world a more compassionate place for all living creatures.

Yelena Shafeyeva