RASPA has developed a program, "Development of Animal Welfare in Russia" to improve the situation for Domestic animals in Russia. The main objectives are to assist in resolving animal overpopulation, address animal abuse issues, and improve the level of animal care in Russia. The program unites three main areas for development, as follows: Education of the Public about the Sterilization of Companion Animals; Veterinary Sector Education and Improvement; and Shelter for Homeless Animals. This year, RASPA, together with the Sirin Foundation, proposed to the Moscow municipal authorities a constructive plan too aid in resolving the homeless animal problem in a humane way. "Development of Animal Welfare in Russia" received considerable support from the Mayor's office and the head of the Moscow Veterinary Department, Mr. Kravchuk.


There is a great need to improve the level of veterinary care in Russia. The veterinarian sector in Russia is relatively poorly developed. There are several private veterinary clinics, which are expensive and not affordable for the average Russian citizen. Most state veterinarian hospitals are out of pharmaceutical and other supplies, and operating old equipment. the lack of affordable, and in some cases professional, veterinary help makes the present situation even more difficult. People abandon or put to sleep their pets because of the lack of professional help or inability to pay for veterinary aid. There are many cases in which pets die due to lack of knowledge of a veterinarian, and their ability to help. Despite the lack of necessary supplies and equipment, the problem remains that Russian veterinarians need for spaing/neutering and other operations. For that reason, collaboration with American veterinary doctors will provide a profound source of education for Russian veterinarians about modern methods of animals treatment and sterilization. In 1997, American veterinarians and medical companies donated to RASPA used and new veterinary equipment and other supplies, which are scheduled to be shipped to Russia during the first quarter of 1988.


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